Introducing the world’s first Plastic Free face shield.

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The smart and comfortable alternative to face masks.

Made from Wood Pulp.

Our wood pulp material alternative is made by separating cellulose fibres from wood – similar to the process for making paper. This Plastic-Free solution allows for a completely compostable alternative.

In collaboration with TerraCycle, we provide specific disposal units to handle the products once used. Alternatively, the cardboard frame can be separated and recycled whilst the clear screen can be placed in a food waste bin.

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Flip it REEL good.

The REEL[Shield]Flip allows you to eat and drink without having to detach your face covering, which is far less hassle.

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Adjustable headband.

For comfort and ease. We have crafted a resizable ‘one size fits all’ adjustable band that allows all heads, large or small the chance to stay safe and stay comfortable.

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Mist Prevention. High Transparency.

Face Coverings are now a vital part of safety regulations, but many versions can be a barrier to not just germs, but comfort and communication. With the REEL[Shield]Flip we present a highly transparent solution with inbuilt mist prevention which makes for crystal clear vision. Perfect for many day to day environments.

Show off your smile again.

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