Common Questions

Can it be reused?

Yes, but please make sure the REEL[shield]Flip is kept clean by using a suitable anti-bacteria cleaning product. If looked after, it will last up to a few weeks of continuous use. Please store in a dry place when not being used, as the cellulose will slowly absorb moisture from the atmosphere and expand or shrink slightly.

What anti-bacteria products do you recommend?

There are so many anti-bacteria products available that it’s impossible to recommend any particular brands. However, we have found that most of the common products work well. Here’s a more technical guide to what the REEL[shield]Flip will and will not be compatible with:

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes! To help you, there are simple instructions and a video.

How do I recycle it?

First separate the cardboard from the cellulose face covering. The cardboard head band and frame should be put in the paper recycling bin, then put the clear face covering in the home food waste bin, which is both home and industrially compostable.

Can Covid-19 be passed through the recycling process?

No. The current research states that Covid-19 survives 24-48 hours on cellulose and cardboard. Being a protein will be chemically broken down during the paper recycling and composting processes.

Does it make you hot wearing for prolonged periods of time?

No. The REEL[shield]Flip is well ventilated, light and comfortable to wear.

Can I wear glasses with it?

Yes – there is plenty of room to accommodate goggles or glasses.

How clear is the face covering?

It’s not as clear as glass, but not far off it. Most plastic PPE struggles to provide such a high clarity compared with cellulose.

What’s the carbon and environmental impact compared to a plastic visor?

We have not yet carried out an LCA, which makes comparisons, but we do know that the end-of-life implications of using plastic can have a detrimental impact on the environment and human health.